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Tue 05 Oct 2004

Frogs of the Malay Peninsula

Category : malaysia

Jeet Sukurman published the second edition of Frogs of the Malay Peninsula this year. Its a wonderful resource for Malayan frogs and promises to grow as Jeet intends to include acoustics!

In his introduction he says, "I wish to communicate my fascination for frogs, and infect others with the same fascination. Through my studies on frogs, I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness some of the most wonderful phenomena on the planet, and, moreover, I get to witness these often, some two or three times a week, when I go frogging.

The wonder of a breeding aggregation of Wallace's Flying Frog - throngs of these huge, vivid green frogs with inky black and blazing yellow "parachutes" between their fingers, clustered around a tiny pool, building their sticky nests. The magical spectacle of a pair of tiny microhylids in amplexus, spawning in a pool. The sombre ceremony of a Limonectes blythii courtship ritual.

These, and so very much more, are the rewards for muddy clothes and wet feet - an insight into another world that exists beside ours, (and indeed, is being rapidly destroyed by ours). If, through this site, I am able to provide a tiny window into this world, then I am satisified."

Thanks to Reza Azmi (WildAsia.net) for the alert!

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