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Tue 09 Sep 2008

Searching the NParks webpage

Category : internet

The NParks domain www.nparks.gov.sg went through a revamp, probably for the World Cities Summit. I suggested as much in June and was thankful for the improvements. Now for that but...

The search box at the top right corner of the webpage has been infuriating. It is a puzzle because it is set to search ALL government websites! This search box returned me irrelevant results frequently in the past. Puzzling because we can use www.gov.sg for a government webpages-wide search. Or just google. So yeah, I would appreciate the restriction of the search to just the NParks domain.

National Parks Singapore - National Parks Singapore

Happily you can circumvent this inconvenience by *drum roll* adding a qualifier to a Google search. Say you want to find out about the Chek Jawa intertidal walks. All you have to do is search with the relevant phrase using a Google search window (in most browsers these days) but add the site domain as a qualifier, i.e.: site:www.nparks.gov.sg chek jawa intertidal walk.

This query returns the correct result in the first line - which would have otherwise evaded you, or worse still, returned you an irrelevant or outdated site!

Strange isn't it? There there is no actually visit the NParks webpage to conduct a search of their domain! The better solution (since the qualified google solution would evade most) would be for NParks web team to to provide a drop-down menu with the other search options. The URA site almost gets this - but the resident domain is not the default, but rather, an option in the drop down menu.

Above that search box in every government webpage is an admirable slogan. It should be perched above something admirable too.

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"How to derive Google Maps links from NParks' new website," by N. Sivasothi. Habitatnews, 05 Jul 2008

Posted at 4:11PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news