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Mon 30 Jun 2008

NParks webpage revamped

Category : internet

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the NParks webpage had been revamped with an attractive design. I guess a lot of things got cleaned up in preparation for the World Cities Summit! It is certainly a welcome update since the text is now clearly presented, pages are grouped into clearly defined section listings. Amongst the welcome new additions is a Green Map - which uses a Google Maps mashup to list park connectors, nature reserves, parks and heritage trees (see image below).

Some things are hidden still, though - I stumbled on the the Floral web which has undergone a facelift but could not find my way back to it later. Happily it has an easy to remember URL: floraweb.nparks.gov.sg - you can now scroll throught he gallery to refresh your plant identifications! I also wish the search function at the top right was for the NParks webpage and not the entire Singapore government! The jpeg park maps provided are smaller than what I used to be able to download and the google map boxes do not hyperlink to the relevant location in Google Maps. Everyone is bound to have a wishlist - tell me yours, or better still, drop them a note in the feedback page like I just did.

Of course this means all your old links are defunct, I've already updated the link in the Chek Jawa Homepage.

National Parks Singapore - Home

National Parks Singapore - Green Map

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