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Fri 07 May 2010

Free entry for students and teachers to NHB museums from 1st June 2010

Category : heritage

Free entry for students and teachers to to National Heritage Board (NHB) Museums from 1st June 2010 was announced in the International Museum Day media release by NHB, 05 May 2010.

Free Entry to All Singaporean and PR Students and Teachers
From 1 June 2010 onwards, NHB museums will be offering free admission to all Singaporean and PR students studying in Singapore schools and educational institutions, allowing them free access to all permanent galleries.

Blockbusters and special exhibitions at selected museums are still chargeable with the normal student discounts still in application.

This promotion applies to the following NHB institutions:

  1. Asian Civilisations Museum
  2. Memories at Old Ford Factory
  3. National Museum of Singapore
  4. Peranakan Museum
  5. Reflections at Bukit Chandu
  6. Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and SAM at 8Q
  7. Singapore Philatelic Museum

How to Qualify for this Promotion:
1. You can enjoy this promotion if you are a local or PR student/teacher:

  • All Singaporean & PR students / teachers
  • All students enrolled in government & government-aided schools, and Singapore tertiary institutions
  • All students who are Singaporean or PR (need not be enrolled in government schools
  • All teachers in government, government-aided schools, and Singapore tertiary institutions. The small percentage of non-Singaporean students enrolled in these schools will also qualify.

2. Please produce one of the following proof of identification at the visitors’ counters of the NHB museums, in order to gain free admission to the permanent galleries:

  • An MOE-issued EZ-Link card (with the MOE crest); or
  • A valid student pass (from any educational institution around the world) and a Singapore or PR NRIC.

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