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Fri 25 Sep 2009

Pedal Ubin - ride's over after 12 years!

Category : heritage

Pedal Ubin: Home

The Raffles Museum Toddycats' Pedal Ubin programme has come to a close after a 12-year run. Offered quarterly, it originated in a 1998 series of four rides were offered annually for five years. New cohorts of guides were trained in 2002 after observation of the large number of unexposed public who came to visit Chek Jawa a year earlier. At at its peak, monthly rides were offered to members of the public!

The three cohorts of dedicated guides in the history of this programme underwent considerable training in classroom and field exercises. They turned up reliably and early on Saturday or Sunday mornings to guide the Singapore public who had signed up mainly after notification by friends who read Habitatnews or WildSingapore.

These guides emphasised bicycle safety and through slow rides, introduced members of the public to the natural and cultural heritage of the island in a unique place in Singapore. Besides a couple of scrapes, no other injury was experienced by hundreds who rode on this programme.

Pulau Ubin has changed considerably since the series began. The island is now very heavily visited on weekends, especially Chek Jawa, roads and huts are well sign-posted and a lot of information has been made available online by the community. The public is urged to explore the island for themselves and suggestions and links are offered at http://rideubin.rafflesmuseum.net/ .

If you are new to cycling, remember how we avoided injuries amongst novice cyclists for 12 years while other crashed - we rode slowly!

Pedal Ubin Guides

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