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Fri 31 Jul 2009

SBG exhibition on the Theory of Evolution, 1st - 31st Aug 2009

Category : events

The Singapore Botanic Gardens presents, "Two Minds, One Theory," An Exhibition.
1st - 31st Aug 2009: 9am - 6pm @ Library of Botany & Horticulture, Botany Centre (Acess by Tanglin Gate at the Hollad Road/Napier Road junction). Contact: Visitor Services, 6471-7361.

"A month-long exhibition featuring Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace and theory of evolution they brought forth.

Did you know that Singapore was once the base for the other 'father' of the Theory of Evolution? Wallace was familiar with the region and was the first person to call our beloved Durian, the "King of Fruits". Having travelled the wild places of the Malayan Archipelago, the brilliant but lesser known Alfred Russel Wallace envisaged the idea of evolution even as Charles Darwin, 'father' of the Theory of Evolution was amassing evidence for this idea.

The Southeast Asian region was the laboratory in which Wallace first tested his own Theory of Evolution. Wallace also wrote extensively about his exciting explorations of Singapore’s much loved Bukit Timah Hill forests. It was during his epic eight-year journey through the Asian region that Wallace was able to accumulate an unbelievable collection of 125,660 wildlife specimens, of which 1,000 species were new to Science.

This exhibition will explain the Theory of Evolution in simple terms, and tell the story of the two naturalists who revolutionised our understanding of life forever. Besides its educational value, this exhibition will entertain with colourful images of Wallace's favourite beetles from Singapore's forests, stick insects that mimic twigs, and butterflies that pretend to be poisonous, all in the name of survival of the species."

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