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Tue 23 Oct 2007

NUS Green Carnival at the Central Form, 22-24 Oct 2007

Category : events

Toddycats! setup their biodiversity awareness both for the third year running at NUS Central Forum with specimens from the Raffles Museum. The age-old baby dugong worked its usual magic and guides led them in discovery from dugongs to dolphins to turtles to marine and terrestrial life. A handy mounted Singapore map helped that conversation along. There were more terrestrial specimens this year so the forest was not overlooked!



This year had nearby schools drop in for a visit so they were introduced to our denizen of specimens. Already in a conversation with Peck Thian Guan (NUS Campus Sustainability Committee) we figured we could construct a syllabus that will provide targetted exhibits within a variety of booths for the students, complete with worksheet. In which case we should feature more research, past and present. That will mean guides will have to prepare a little more - we conducted a tutorial this year and next year we figured we should do it next to a mock up of the booth - would be more helpful.

NUS Green Carnival Training Seminar

Well, we always make grand plans but tell ourselves in the end that we were lucky just to have a booth stocked with enthusiastic guides every hour! In fact the guiding didn't stop through for the speeches during the opening ceremony as its an open venue, but I listened with great interest to the Amy Khor (Mayor, SECDC) and the Danish ambassador's determined and practical speeches about the helping the environment.

Read more on the Toddycats new blog at toddycats.wordpress.com which also has news about the long awaited, inaugural Toddycats t-shirt!

Toddycats T-Shirt

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