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Mon 12 Mar 2007

13-16 Mar 2007: Youth events at Wildlife Asia '07

Category : events

Wildlife Asia (13-17 Mar 2007), is an international wildlife and environmental film festival that will be held at Suntec Singapore. It will incorporate a special Youth Programme of seminars, forums, workshops and screenings and an opportunity to meet leading conservationists and filmmakers such as Valmik Thapar and Dr Brady Barr.

Almost all the propgrames are FREE and provide a wonderful opportunity to interact and learn; spaces are limited for all youth events, open to youths aged 13-18, on a first come, first served basis: see the Youth Programme webpage for registration details .

08 Mar 2007 - Updated programe! Download the pdf brochure here

  • Meet the Filmmakers - Learn how they got into the industry & hear their amazing stories of filming in the wild.
  • Me and the Environment - Seminar on our relationship with the natural world & the effect our actions have on the environment.
  • Careers in the Wild - If you want to work with nature, then this is for YOU. From filmmaker to zoologist, we have the answers!
  • Talent of Tomorrow - Youths with outstanding achievements in conservation, wildlife & environmental media take to the stage.
  • Inspiring the Future - Thought-provoking iChat event between wildlife filmmakers & Singapore's youth. Sponsored by WWF International.
  • Youths Speak Out – Tell US about your concerns for the environment. What are YOU doing to help conservation? What can WE do to make YOUR future bright & green?

The two technical sessions session cost just SG$20 but have limted spaces, so register quickly if you are interested:

  • Filmmaking Workshop - Learn how to be a wildlfe cameraman in this video workshop at Singapore Zoo.
  • Introduction to Editing - Play with the latest editing software & learn about the art of documentary editing.

Wildlife & Environmental Film Festival
Special screenings of outstanding short wildlife and environmental films made by youths. Send in YOUR film and stand the chance of getting it screened during the festival! Films will be screened at various times during the festival, including the "Talent of Tomorrow" session.

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