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Thu 25 Aug 2005

Fabulous figgies!

Category : events

Some of the "fabulous figgies" we managed to round up at the Singapore Science Centre today, after the launch of the SSC 2005 guidebooks on figs and gobies.

Joseph Lai is holding a fig (or syconium) of Ficus aurantiaceae. The name is derived from the Latin aurantiacus which means orange. It is a climber common on mature wayside trees in Holland Road and Changi Road. I came to a complete halt on my bicycle in Changi one morning when I thought I saw mandarin oranges hanging from wayside trees! It was actually just Ficus aurantiaceae on a tree. In fact, the figs can grow to be larger than tennis balls, with diameters reaching 10 centimeters! As you can see, I have already started using the guidebook.

L-R, 1st Row: Yap Kim Fatt, Timothy Pwee, Mrs & Prof Wee, Angie Ng, Benjamin Lee, Shawn Lum. 2nd Row: Goh Si Guim, Joseph Lai, Ashley Ng, Vilam D'Rozario. Missing: Andrew Tay, Chuah Ai Lin, and Tan Geok Choo.

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