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Wed 20 Oct 2004

Loss of biodiversity should raise Œloudest of alarms¹

Category : envt

"Biodiversity was essential to combating hunger and could ensure food security in crises caused by armed conflict, natural catastrophes or disabling diseases, and its unprecedented loss in the last century should raise the loudest of alarms, said UN Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette.

Delivering a message from Secretary-General Kofi Annan, she said it should be unacceptable that some 840 million people worldwide suffered from chronic hunger. The international community must do better politically, economically, scientifically, and logistically in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of halving that number by 2015.

Referring to the theme for this year¹s observance ­ ³Biodiversity for Food Security² ­ she said biodiversity provided plant, animal and microbial genetic resources for food production and agricultural productivity as well as essential ecosystem services, such as soil fertilization, nutrient recycling, pest and disease regulation, erosion control, and crop and tree pollination. However, the global food supply had become increasingly dependent on a small number of species as many plant and animal species had become extinct. A mere 30 crops species dominated food production and 90 per cent of the animal food supply came from just 14 mammal and bird species."

Read the UN Press release of 19 October 2004 and see the World Food Day 2004 website to understand the issue.

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