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Wed 11 Aug 2004

Great White dies of entanglement in South Australia

Category : envt

Sasi Nayar, formerly of the Dept. Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore and now with the South Australian Research and Development Institute wrote on 6th August 2004:

"This magnificent 4m long Great White was found entangled in a fisherman's longline in Port Eyre, South Australia this morning. By the time she was hauled up it was too late to be rescued. The fishermen brought it over to my institute for a postmortem. The place where she was hauled up is one of our regular research dive sites. As of today none of us have ever encountered a great white while diving, eventhough we are dead sure that they are swimming with us all the time."

"Sharks possess excellent electro-receptory capabilities and can sense divers miles apart. They usually stay a couple of 10's of meters away (they are probably more scared of us than we are of them!) With underwater visibility of not more than 15-20 metres at any time, explains why we seldom see them underwater."

"Movies like "Jaws" have portrayed them as ruthless maneaters. What most people do not realise is that the number of fatalities from shark attacks world wide is probably close to 67 a year - a figure comparable to the number of people dying in road accidents in 6 months (2004) in a small state like South Australia!"

"If you ask me for an honest opinion, I would say they do not deserve a bad reputation at all!"


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