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Mon 18 Jul 2005

Increase in recycling now extends life of Semakau landfill by 15 years

Category : envt

Earlier, the Clean Card 2005 reported a 10 year extension. So, more improvement!

"Semakau landfill to last 15 more years as recycling reduces waste." Channel News Asia, 16 Jul 2005.[pdf]

(Excerpt) - "Singapore's landfill at Semakau can now last up to 45 years, 15 more than initially expected. This is because recycling has gone up hence generating less waste to be incinerated and dumped at the landfill.

Environment and Water Resources Minister Dr Yaacob Ibrahim gave this update when he officially opened the Semakau landfill for recreational activities on Saturday.

When the Semakau landfill first started operations in 1999, it was expected to last for 30 years, up to 2030. But recycling has caught on recently.

Last year, the volume of waste generated was 11 per cent less compared to 5 years ago, enabling Semakau's lifespan to be extended until 2045.

Dr Yaacob said: "I want to emphasise that recycling is the way to go for us because we cannot continue this manner. Although we can extend this to 2045, we got to think of what the next generation will have to do. So recycling, conserving and minimising waste is the way to go or we have to continue to explore ways to dispose of waste and ultimately Singaporeans will have to do their part.""

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