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Tue 26 Apr 2005

"Is S'pore a nation of plastic bag junkies?"

Category : envt

"Is S'pore a nation of plastic bag junkies?" By Lee U-Wen, TODAY, 25 Apr 2005 [pdf]

"In a massive clean-up of our local beaches and mangroves last September, the 2,000 over volunteers picked up more than 88,000 discarded items [ 2,362 volunteers collected 92,858 items weighing more than 10 tonnnes - see ICCS 2004 data]. Plastic bags and containers [actually all plastic items] accounted for nearly three-quarters of the rubbish.

The problem with plastic bags is that many get washed from drains into our coastal waters and swampy areas, posing a danger to marine life.

Many turtles and fish die from consuming plastic bags, as they are deceived with the bags resemblance to jellyfish or squid. Plastics also raise the mercury levels and toxins in fish, creating long-term health problems to those who end up eating the fish.

Campaigns to encourage the public to use less plastic bags have come and gone, with little impact.

Is it our bochap attitude rearing its ugly head again?"

"Say no to plastic bags." By Yvonne Lim, Voices Editor. Today, 26 Apr 2005 (no text link) [pdf]

"Those most inclined to help save the earth, often feel like aliens in Singapore. Nowhere is that more true than in the world of the supermarket check-out line - reportedly, a huge source of the more-than-one million plastic bags given away here daily.

"I feel like an ET (extra-terrestrial) each time I tell the cashier at the supermarket, 'Please try to use as few bags as possible'," TODAY reader Valerie Michelin says, plaintively.

Her feelings of being alone in the crowd are echoed by several others, who wrote in response to Lee U-WenÕs News Comment yesterday, "Is SÕpore a nation of plastic bag junkies?"

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