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Thu 04 Mar 2010

NParks Park Connectors on Google Maps

Category : cycling

Lucian Teo got tired of waiting the NParks webpages to load, so he traced all the park connectors onto Google Maps - link. This is timely as singeo had abandoned his earlier polylines plot (and other lovely projects) to attend to buUuk.com. Lucian's map is public and you can collaborate to contribute to this plot he has provided.

The park connector is an excellent network of paths that link various parks around the island, expanding walking, jogging and cycling opportunities around the island. Eventually a super-park connector wil link it all up!

The park connector has not yet reached perfection for leisure cyclists throughout the island - some stretches are isolated by busy intersections or over overhead bridges and have narrow connections in some parts through pedestrian-intensive areas. But in comparison to a mere five years ago, the opportunities these have already provided are an incredible improvement. We can egg the authorities (different agencies may have to be approached at different oints) to improve it over time.

Recently I rode the Western PCN and enjoyed the seamless ride. It highlights the fact we have an excellent way to explore parts of Singapore safely on a bicycle now - see "Westward Ho! A safe ride on the Western Park Connector, which links eight parks," by N. Sivasothi. Cycling in Singapore, 18 Jan 2010. See also the 2007/8 reports on the Eastern Coastal Park Connector.

The roads are still dangerous but a safe way to explore Singapore on bicycle is emerging and you can begin to enjoy the parts that have already been connected up. And this map will help you to get started!

Posted at 11:43PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news