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Fri 21 Jul 2006

NParks hailed for the Kent Ridge Park Mountain Bike Trail

Category : cycling

The Kent Ridge Park Mountain Bike Trail excites mountain bikers in Singapore. An icon of cooperaitve engagement, Lee Chuen Ling (a.k.a. Ling the Merciless) of the Singapore Amateur Cycling Association sends an email of thanks to National Parks Board.

"The bikers who have been assisting and consulting with NParks on the Kent Ridge trail are a passionate lot! They all have had extensive experience riding in overseas mountain biking tracks and are more than ready to share their knowledge and give back to Singapore in terms of trail creation! They have been busy gathering information, surfing the net, consulting with other trailbuilders such as IMBA on how best to create biking trails while taking all necessary anti-erosion and safety measures suited for our climate and weather conditions. And they all unanimously gave the KR trail three thumbs up!!! You can almost see the pride in their eyes and hear the lilt in their voices when they speak about the new KR MTB trail!

This infectious disease has spread to the mountain biking community of Singapore, who can't get enough of this new trail! Many are discovering their newfound biking skills, while others are summoning the courage to experience it! About 3 videos have been produced about this trail, the trail has been discussed ad nauseum in biking forums, and bikers are coming in droves to check out what this new trail has to offer!"

"Now that we have a new KR MTB trail, I could proudly tell my fellow Malaysian riders that we have a reason to entice them to cross the border to ride in Singapore for a change! I would also advise our local bikers to hone their technical skills at this new trail so that they can at least remain competitive with our friends in the region!

And I am able to do so because NParks has made this happen by giving us another trail that we can be proud of! On behalf of all mountain bikers that I know, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

See: "KR Trail rocks!!!" By Lee Chuen Ling. theadventuresoflingthemerciless, 21 Jul 2006.

See also: Kent Ridge MTB Trail

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