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Tue 26 Jan 2010

URA Concept Plan 2011 - take the survey, submit your feedback

Category : conceptplan

Every ten years, the URA unveils a Concept Plan which it subjects to review by working groups and invites the public to participate through surveys and letters.

The resulting reccomnedations and suggestions are integrated into the Master Plan, on angoing document that maps out probable directions about land use in Singapore in the decade ahead.

On 23 January 2010, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced "the launch of the Concept Plan 2011 (CP2011) Review Public Consultation exercise." In the last exercise which was conducted in 2002, some 4,500 feedback replies were submitted and read [link].

The areas identified in this CP2011 are:

  1. Economic growth opportunities,
  2. Good quality living environment,
  3. An inclusive society where the needs of various sectors of the population are taken care of,
  4. A sustainable Singapore that balances growth with responsible environmental management, and
  5. An endearing home where people have a strong sense of belonging to Singapore.

You can participate in the survey at: http://www.ura.gov.sg/conceptplan2011/

Concept Plan 2011

Meanwhile, two Focus Groups will address the various topics - for more information, see the media release and the Annex.

Selected details and discussion areas

The details for the Sustainability discussion lists:

"As a small island nation with limited land resources, sustainable development has always been a priority for Singapore to ensure that we can continue to grow our economy while providing a good quality living environment for our people. Achieving sustainable growth however, requires the participation and contribution of the wider population, involving all segments of society, from individuals and households to community groups and businesses in adopting more environmentally friendly practices.

Some of the discussion areas for [the] Focus Group are:

  • How can individuals, households, community groups and businesses contribute to creating a sustainable Singapore which balances growth with responsible environmental management?
  • How do we make sustainable development relevant to our community?"

Under Identity, the issue is encapsulated as:

"In ensuring our sustainable growth, we will have to consider how we can strengthen our people’s sense of belonging to Singapore as an endearing home while balancing against the need for Singapore to continue to develop and grow as a distinctive global city.

Some of the discussion areas for this Focus Group are:

  • How do we strengthen our people’s sense of belonging to Singapore as an endearing home as Singapore continues to develop and grow as a distinctive global city?
  • What are the considerations in identifying significant places or elements that contribute to our sense of belonging?


  • Speech by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development, at the launch of the Concept Plan 2011 Review Public Consultation Exercise on Saturday, 23 January 2010, at the URA Centre - link
  • "URA launches public consultation for the review of Concept Plan 2011," URA Media Release, 23 Jan 2010 - link
  • Annex 1 to URA Media Release, "Focus Group Discussion topics," 23 Jan 2011 - link
  • URA CP2011 Focus Group Members - link
  • Media reports from Channel News Asia and The Straits Times, hosted on WildSingapore - link

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