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Sat 13 Mar 2004

New BP/SSC guidebooks for 2004

Category : books

Singapore Science Centre & BP will launch the next two guidebooks in their excellent series at the end of the month. You can attend the launch at the Singapore Science Centre Tuesday 30 March 2004: 9.45am. Just send an email to: rsvp@science.edu.sg with your name and affiliation (you can put down Habitatnews).

A Guide to Herbs and Spices by Wee Yeow Chin

Herbs and spices have been used since ancient times. They figure very prominently in Asian cultures and cuisines as well. Many have been used both as flavourings as well as medicine as the active ingredients in the plants serve both purposes. Archaeological evidence indicates that spices were being used for such varied purposes as flavouring beer, deodorants, preservatives and in food preparations for the living and dead in their afterlife.

The guide gives a brief history of the spice trade and the use of herbs and spices in different cultures. The author also shares some family recipes where herbs and spices are used. More than 60 plants that are used as local flavourings are dealt with. Examples include the familiar ginger, candle nut and coriander to the slightly more unusual caper, dill and Perilla. The book includes origins, descriptions, parts used and active ingredients in each plant.

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