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Fri 13 Jul 2007

Mannual: "Sampling biodiversity in coastal communities" (2007)

Category : books

"Sampling Biodiversity in Coastal Communities: NaGISA protocols for Seagrass and Macroalgal Habitats."

P. Robin Rigby, Katrin Iken & Yoshihisa Shirayama (eds.). 160pp., Jul 2007. ISBN: 9789971693688

From the publisher - This introduction to basic concepts of biodiversity-sampling outlines standardized field methods for macroalgae and seagrass communities developed by NaGISA (Natural Geography in Shore Areas, a project operating under the international Census of Marine Life). NaGISA promotes simple standardized protocols and focuses on widespread nearshore habitats.

This book, written by premier coastal ecologists and taxonomists, provides a text for field courses, a manual for coastal managers, and a reference guide for researchers studying biodiversity or preparing species inventories.

P. Robin RIGBY and Yoshihisa SHIRAYAMA are associated with the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory at Kyoto University; Katrin IKEN is with the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska.

Published in association with Kyoto University Press. The NUS PRESS edition is available for all territories except Japan.

Price: S$38. Available from NUS PRESS, AS3-01-02, 3 Arts Link,, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117569. Tel: +65 6776 1148 Fax: +65 6774 0652, Contact person: Winnifred Wong. E-mail: winnifred@nus.edu.sg

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