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Wed 05 Jan 2005

"Don't forget the Singapore countryside"

Category : articles

Ho Hua Chew wrote in The Straits Times, 31 Dec 2004, "Don't forget the SIngapore countryside."

The fact that these Singaporeans were prepared to sweat and trek many kilometers under the hot sun and through air buzzing with mosquitoes, without turning back from the not very accessible objective, is simply amazing. I believe it's indicative yet again of an attraction and sympathy for nature among a significant proportion of Singaporeans.

That feeling for nature has not been accorded its proper and fair share of attention among our national policy makers and commentators.

For example, the inaugural speech of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, despite its refreshing open-mindedness, is dead silent on the need to face the challenge of preserving the health of our natural environment and its biodiversity.

Perhaps the absence of an official focus on this aspect of the people's aspiration is due to the paucity of its public expression or manifestation in the local literature, debates, government feedbacks, forums, the mass media.

Unfortunately, this Singaporean sensitivity to nature is silent most of the time, like a subterranean river - but nevertheless capable of bursting out into the open upon appropriate stimulation.

Read the complete article.

Thanks to Victor Yue for the alert via the nature-singapore mailing list.

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