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Tue 23 Aug 2005

Joseph waxes lyrical about Durians

Category : articles

"Durian seasons come and go. Whenever it knocks on our door, it comes like the proverbial Call of the Wild. Many amongst us answer it with unerring spontaneity. We go trooping off to the forested areas of Mandai, Upper Thomson and Rifle Range Road just to hunt for that prized local durian.

Never mind the early hours of dawn, the bees and the snakes, etc. No undergrowth is too thick either. There is so much fun and energy involved, and of course, there is the Law of the Jungle to boot. "

"All too often, you get to hear stories of squabbles and scuffles between two contentious parties. Imagine having the ill-luck to stumble upon each other and that darling Desiree on the ground at the same time? The prospect of a love-triangle becoming messy is almost certain. As one man found out the painful way, it is quite a 'thorny' affair to have durians hurled at you..."

"Alfred Russel Wallace, the great naturalist, professed in 1869 that 'to eat Durians is a new sensation, worth a voyage to the East to experience'."

Read "A Durian named Desiree." By Joseph Lai, 23 August 2005.

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