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Fri 05 Sep 2008

The inaugural Animal Welfare Grants funds projects on films, story books, research, management and education

Category : animalwelfare

At the 1st Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium organised by the three university animal welfare student groups with ACRES*, they announced the launch of the inaugural Animal Protectors Grant. I sat through the interviews with the applicants recently and was very encouraged to see such passion and concern expressed by a wide array of people.

Yesterday, the grant recipients were announced at a press briefing at SMU:

  1. "Ani-Rights" an education festival by a group of students from Anglo-Chinese Junior College.
  2. "Awareness Posters in Hot Spots – Curbing the Illegal Pet Trade in Singapore": a public education project by a group of students.
  3. "Cat Café Project": a management study by a group of staff and students from NTU.
  4. "Illegal Animal Trade," a public education project by a group of students from Raffles Girls’ Secondary.
  5. "Project Kucing Coast (Cats of East Coast Park)" a management and education project by a pair of volunteers.
  6. "Sterilisation of Stray Animals: Dogs of industrial estates", a management project by a group of volunteers.
  7. "Stories for Lives": Children’s storybook by a group of students from Raffles Institution.
  8. "Take Care of Your Pets – Sterilise Them": a documentary project by a group of students from Admiralty Secondary School.

The groups will be presenting the result of their work and the Second Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium next year.

See WildSingapore News for the stories that appeared in The Straits Times, Channel NewsAsia and Today.

* = The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), SMU's People for Animal Welfare (PAW), NUS Students’ Animal Welfare Group and NTU Animal Lovers Society. See the press release for details.

Thanks to Louis Ng of ACRES for the photos.

Posted at 6:52AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news