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Thu 26 Feb 2004

Greetings to blogging in 2004!

Category : about

Habitatnews has been quiet for some three months now. With a return to research imminent, I entertained thoughts of abandoning this newsletter and webpage as I was already struggling to cope.

But I tend to encounter a lot of information and the approximately 1,000 of you out there seem interested. The five-year old Habitatnews also serves a specific niche which compliments the efforts of Nick Baker and Ria Tan who maintain Ecology Asia and WildSingapore respectively.

But I had to find a simpler way to carry on.

Habitatnews began in 1998 with the appearance of OneList, an innovative idea that led to a mushrooming of thousands of mailing lists. Once again, another internet phenomenon would help Habitatnews reach out, and this time it is the simple blog, or weblog or web diary.

There werenıt too many models around, so with the help of a fellow macaddict Bernard Teo, I started my own blog last year. I found it relatively easy, quick to use and maintain with my macintosh iBook. So Habitatnews now follows suit. The newsletter will be less frequent but more news will be posted more frequently here where it will also be easier to display the numerous digital photos and webpages that are emerging.

This blog also heralds a friendlier and more personal tone that many seem to prefer!

Naturalists have always helped out Habitatnews. But now, Iıll also be looking for Subeditors. Carefully chosen subeditors, for issues of timing and verification, though tiresome, are important. Age will thus not be a criteria.

So here's to another five but easier years for starters.

Posted at 6:40AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news