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Mon 09 Feb 2015

"Love from Singapore" – sterilising feral dogs in Nepal protects wildlife, livelihoods and stops the culling: Debby Ng speaks about the Himalayan Mutt Project @ NUS LT34 on Wed 11 Feb 2015, 7.00pm

Category : events

Amidst the high Himalaya of Nepal, dogs and wildlife face a slow and excruciating death from rat poison. Canine attacks on livestock and threat of rabies transmission lead to desperate attempts to cull unwanted dogs. Poisoned dogs die a painful death and discarded carcasses are scavenged by wildlife such as vultures which face secondary poisoning.

On a quest to photograph red pandas, Debby Ng witnessed the problem and asked, what could be done to help the dogs, villagers, and the environment of Nepal’s high Himalaya? A sterilisation and vaccination plan was conceived and in four months, the first Himalayan Mutt veterinary expedition crossed rugged and challenging Himalayan trails up to a 3,900m elevation to neuter 153 dogs over two weeks.

Debby will share inspiring images of wildlife, local communities and the Himalayan Mutts as she explains how local veterinarians, community leaders and supportive individuals collaborated to make a difference to human health, animal welfare and the sensitive ecology of the Himalaya.

They will return to continue the work and we can help from Singapore. S$10 provides red collars to prevent small, sterilized dogs from culling and five rabies vaccinations! Help Himalayan Mutts at http:// pozi.be/mutts or approach NUS PEACE and NUS Toddycats on campus.

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