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Mon 09 Apr 2007

Isn't it time we start tightening our belts?

Category : news

So we might re-open Kekek Quarry in Pulau Ubin.

Gosh, what next? Bukit Timah? Bukit Batok?

However, before remonstrations about our lack of sustainability begin, its worth realising that there is nothing actually unique about this. We have been burdened by the lack of a hinterland since independence, merger and separation and our tiny island has long been incapable of providing for our unsustainable appetites.

Yet somehow we grew up without the mentality of a resource-poor islander. We consumed water, electricity, sand, timber, food and what-not, and generated waste like we lacked for nothing. A comfortable life as a result of economic intelligence perhaps, but probably at the cost of impact elsewhere. Resources are sold to highest bidder, and it is unlikely another country would have done otherwise.

So isn't it now finally time to consider tightening our belts? And start behaving as if resources are finite. And investing more in developing alternatives ahead of time?

The silver lining? We'll become tougher and learn to innovate.

We'll probably need some persuasion before we attempt moderation, probably nothing less than campaigns and heightened costs will do. We did that once, in an effective campaign to save energy (and dollars) when the 1973 oil crisis struck. We learnt to turn off a few lights then.

But it seems we forgot very soon after.

Isn't it time we start tightening our belts?

Posted at 3:58PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Mon 09 Apr 2007

Kekek Quarry, Pulau Ubin: may be reopened for quarrying

Category : parliament

Minister of State for National Development Grace Fu announced earlier today in Parliament that 'HDB will look into re-opening one of its quarries on Pulau Ubin.' Channel News Asia has the report about the announcement in Parliament.

Some of you may remember Kekek Quarry as Tianci Quarry or the HDB quarry. If you are wondering about its location, it is next to Wat Suwankiyiwanaram, which most simply call the Thai-Buddhist Temple, at the end of Jalan Wat Siam.

Click this Google Maps link to see the image below and navigate out and around Ubin. Compare your bearings with the familiar NParks map.

Posted at 11:19AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news