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Thu 13 Oct 2005

Reflections of Cedar Primary students

Category : coastalcleanup

As part of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, 160 Primary four students from Cedar Primary School went to East Coast Park to conduct a beach cleanup on Monday, 19th September 2005, between 8.30 to 12.00pm. They filled 40 trash bags and collected 75.3kg of litter on the beaches.

The webpage also features Reflections" - unedited comments from the students! Here's a sample:

"It was very fun and I found out that the beach was actually very dirty. It was also interesting as many students found some shells and some dead animals. Now I found out that cleaning the beach is good as it will save the sea animals from extinction." Sean (P4-4)

"We have to play a part to keep the nation clean and save the sea creatures from eating plastic bag" Cheryl Hay (P4-1)

"It was wonderful going to EAST COAST PARK to pick up the litter. I had enjoyed a lot picking up the litter. I hope we will go there again with my family and friends. I hope it will nice to see the beach clean and beautiful." Renuka P4-3

"I felt that it was a nice trip to save the marine animals from living in polluted water and getting entangled in plastic bags or fishing nets. I think it was a worthwhile trip" Manda (P4-4)

"Last week, we went to the East Coast Park to pick up litter.We saw many litter around the beach.(LIKE) paper, fire cracker, plastic, rappers, dead fish n many more many." Laxmi Magar P4-3

"I don't like it reason being why must we be the ones to clean up the beach, why do the public purposely make work for us and why do they little around the beach. That will definitely destroy the beach's cleanliness and sinerce." - Zuo Xuan (P4-4)

"The beach was very dirty. I think we P4s have done a good job in picking up the litter. But I wonder why there were so much litter. Does that mean we singaporeans don't care for our environment. In future, I wish I could see Singapore's beach clean." Hema Roshini 4-3

"I learnt that the beach is ours so EVERYONE HAS A PART TO PLAY!!!" Yolanda (P4-1)


Source: Thanks to Zaki Jalil, Cedar Primary ICCS Coordinator.

Posted at 10:18AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news