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Mon 04 Jul 2005

Cat Welfare - behind the scenes

Category : animalwelfare

The Cat Welfare Society intends to 'reduce the stray cat population through humane means, namely sterilisation.'

In "Working with the Cat Welfare Society" Dawn (presumbly Dawn Kua) blogs about her activities with the society quite frequently.

She features Spay Days, the recent Asia for Animals conference (see the June 2005 archives), discusses Trap-Neuter-Release, mediation, fund raising (Neil Gaimen lends a hand) and other issues.

She also features some handsome and cute cats about town every now and then!

Posted at 5:56AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Mon 04 Jul 2005

Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day founder, dies at 89

Category : world

"Gaylord Nelson, Environmentalist Politician Who Started Earth Day, Dies at 89." By Ryan Nakashima. Associated Press, 03 Jul 2005.

MILWAUKEE During the Vietnam War, Gaylord Nelson looked at the anti-war teach-ins and got an idea: Why not try the same thing for the environment?

The result was Earth Day, and with it the start of the modern environmental movement.

Nelson, the longtime Democratic senator and former governor best known for founding Earth Day 35 years ago, died Sunday at his home in the Washington suburb of Kensington, Md., said Bill Christofferson, his biographer and family spokesman. He was 89.

Read more at ENN.

See Google News this week.

Posted at 12:52AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news