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Mon 13 Jun 2005

Debby reflects

Category : marine

"After nearly eight months of frolicking in clear waters, who'd have thought it'd take so little, and barely an instant to take all that splendour away.

Divers are ambassadors to our world's oceans. Dive after dive, we look forward to standard favourable conditions: great vis, suitable currents, outstanding creatures. But why is it that one dive holiday after another, it takes an immense realisation to want to consider protecting it?"

- Debby Ng, Pulau Hantu - A celebration of marine life.

Posted at 4:26PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Mon 13 Jun 2005

Wildfilms at Changi last spring tide

Category : marine

Update from Wildfilms about last week's spring tide filming:

"We keep seeing this tiny little squid on all our shores. It can rapidly change from yellow to black. Octopuses are also common on Changi.

This particular one was very well camouflaged among the muddy rocks where it was hiding. I only spotted it because of the jet of water it was shooting out. A marvellous surprise was a large dark orange, almost red, sea horse."

Posted at 7:27AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news