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Thu 26 May 2005

MacRitchie - Bukit Timah briskwalks: Sun 5th & 19th June 2005

Category : events

Sunrise in MacRitchie and breakfast in Bukit Timah!

The Habitat Group leads an energetic briskwalk for the public from MacRitchie (MR) to Bukit Timah (BT) annually in June. All are welcome and you can register for the walks on 5th and 19th June 2005 at the MR-BT Briskwalk webpage.

This is an opportunity to learn a clearly marked route from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah in the company of friendly guides, and perhaps encourage you to take up such walks on your own.

The 2-hour walk is a chance to experience the ambience of the morning's sounds and fresh smells and a beautiful sunrise. Led by a group of regular walkers on these trails, this walk is unusual for us as it is not a nature observation walk (which is a much longer walk), but rather, a chance to exercise amidst a pleasant, natural setting that we treasure in Singapore.

Everyone is welcome, but you should be used to taking short walks at least and wear a proper pair of walking shoes. And, critically, be able to wake up early enough to reach MacRitchie carpark at 6.45am - we leave on time! We hope to reach the foot of Bukit Timah hill by 9.30am, leaving you rejuvenated, with your whole Sunday still ahead of you.

We use an alternative, less crowded route this year. Visit the webpage for details about the route, preparation, trail etiquette and photos from previous walks.

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Thu 26 May 2005

Asia for Animals Conference, Singapore, 22-24 June 2005

Category : animalwelfare

Announcement from ACRES

Asia for Animals Conference, Singapore, 22-24 June 2005

First time in Singapore!

The biennial animal welfare conference Asia for Animals, will be held at Novotel Clarke Quay, Singapore, from 22nd to 24th June 2005. This event marks the very first time an international animal welfare conference is to be held in Singapore.

The Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), a Singaporean-founded charitable organisation will be hosting this event, which, in the past, has brought together more than 150 Asian and international delegates with animal advocacy/conservation concerns and expertise.

The conference is sponsored by Animals Asia Foundation, Animal People, Best Friends Animal Society, Extra Trading/Brightlife Australia, Humane Society International and North Shore Animal League International.

Register now and enjoy the early bird rates - see the ACRES webpage

Collaboration with a difference
The emphasis for Asia for Animals 2005 will be to consolidate experiences in the region with an eye to developing new strategies and facilitating change. In the main sessions governmental and non-governmental representatives and experts will be debating the following topics:

  • Disaster Relief & Recovery
  • ZooCheck Work in Asia
  • Stray Animal Management
  • Rescue Centre Operations
  • Farm Animal Welfare
  • The Role of Government Agencies in Animal Protection
  • Tackling the Illegal Wildlife Trade
  • Media & Communication Strategies for NGOs

Hands on workshop series
A series of related, hands on, expert-facilitated workshops will be incorporated into the programme. The objective of these workshops is to discuss of methods, strategies and solutions for animal advocacy/conservation workers in Asia in a more intimate environment. Registration for these workshops is on the first day of the conference.

Flexible attendance
The whole conference spans three days. There are one- and two-day flexible attendance possibilities, as well as different accommodation options available to international participants.

Whether you are actively involved in animal welfare/conservation work or are a member of the public with an interest in these concerns, this conference will bring you together with many of the most dynamic NGO groups and individuals from across the region.

More information
To find out more about the Asia for Animals conference, please go to acres.org.sg/asiaforanimals.

If you have any other unanswered queries, wish to volunteer, or make donations for this event, please contact us at events@acres.org.sg. We are looking forward to having you as a part of this exciting development for animal welfare in our region.

First posted on 02 Mar 2005.

Posted at 5:08AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news