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Thu 20 Jan 2005

Sea Hounds Sniff

Category : marine

Sea Hounds, who support the Pulau Hantu Blog have activated their blog!

Needless to say, its surrounded by a deep rich blue colour, although they do cover issues topside as well. In fact in the most recent post is about aluminium recycling; its all connected.

The RSS feed has been added to the collection of Singapore natural history newsletters and blog feeds at bloglines.

Posted at 10:00AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Thu 20 Jan 2005

Raffles Bulletin of Zoology articles are available for download

Category : internet

The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology is a journal of Southeast Asian Zoology published by Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, National University of Singapore.

All articles published by the journal between 1928-2004 are now available for download, except for Supplements 1-10 which will be uploaded later.

From late 2005, the Raffles Bulletin of Zoology will be an online publication.

This resource has been released under the same Creative Commons License that is used for Habitatnews, essentially allowing free access by students and researchers.

Posted at 3:29AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Thu 20 Jan 2005

Forest Gems of Semakau

Category : nature

Joseph Lai unveils Forest Gems of Semakau - Pulau Semakau is an island in the south of Singapore, probably better known as being the place where all our incinerated trash ends up at. It has impressive inter-tidal habitats including a wonderful mangrove and is adjacent to several reefs.

In this web resource, Joseph explores the plants of the islands and includes pictures of the rare Alpinia aquatica and Tacca leontopetaloides which, for Singapore, may only be found on this island.

Posted at 3:11AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news