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Mon 08 Nov 2004

Nanyang Girls High School prepare for Hopea sangal education workshop

Category : nature

Students from Nanyang Girls High School (NYGH) have completed a series of Hopea sangal education workshops conducted by members of the Working Group that looked after the felled tree's logs.

The NYGH students now prepare for a workshop they will be conducting for two primary schools next week. In the photo below, students depict the events of 20 November 2002 when Sivasothi first visited the site of the rare Hopea sangal tree.

UNable to find the rare, old tree, the scene of felled logs on the grass nearby made him call Joseph Lai for the specific location of the tree. Eventually he had to break the news to Joseph, who had rediscovered the tree with his team just a few months earlier - "All I saw was a stump".

The felled tree logs are now a sculpture located the Singapore Zoo.

Posted at 11:13AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Mon 08 Nov 2004

Blue Water Volunteers unveil the Southern Islands brochure

Category : marine

Blue Water Volunteers were at the Clean & Green Week's Green Bazaar last Saturday (6 Nov 2004) to promote their new brochure and introduce people to marine life in Singapore. And they presented the VIP, PM Lee Hsien Loong with a copy of the colourful new brochure.

Swing over to The Blue Tempeh for an energetic account of the event.

Posted at 11:05AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news