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Tue 12 Oct 2004

ICCS 2004 - preliminary results

Category : envt

As the results from some later cleanups trickle in by late October 2004, we already know that over 2,000 of us from more than 40 institutions turned out on our beaches and mangroves to remove more than 9 tonnes of trash. Greater effort in mangroves resulted in a hefty 5.9 tonnes or 64% of the total weight with 1.1 tonnes from Loyang, 1. 6 tonnes from Chek Jawa and 3.2 tonnes from Kranji mangroves.

However, most (62%) of the 88,663 items collected were from beaches.

This year volunteeers removed and categorised >88,000 items. Last year we had counted >74,000 items, and in 2002, we collected >66,000 items.

Cigarette butts, are once again ranked No. 1 with some 11,867 butts were collected. Almost all were from beaches as we only found 10 in mangroves!

Bags (11,367), Foodwrappers (11, 052), straws (8.521) and styrofoam bits (7,216) are the next most numerous items. We obviously have a problem with plastics!

Plastic accounts for 72% of all items collected, and this proportion is higher in mangroves (86%) then on beaches (62%).

In both mangrove and beaches, it is shoreline activities that are contributing the most trash (28-30%). We have a ways to go, folks!

Posted at 4:17PM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news