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Wed 22 Sep 2004

Pulau Ubin on Sight & Sound II

Category : tvradio

The episode today, Episode 10, is about Pulau Ubin. The blurb from the website reads, "A journey through sites of history, legend and commerce on Pulau Ubin, where tigers frequently lurked beside clay and stone quarries, and jungle overtakes the remnants of the last island kampongs. Also included will be a brief visit to Singaporešs other small coastal islands such as St. Johns, Kusu, and the Raffles Lighthouse."

Channel i, Wednesday, 22nd Sep 2004: 8pm

Posted at 9:08AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Wed 22 Sep 2004

Ranger Stations

Category : tvradio

'Star Waves.TV has announced the premier of Ranger Stations, a new nature and wildlife TV series airing on Media Works' Channel i, Thursday evenings at 7 pm from 23 Sep 2004. This eight-part series highlights the efforts of dedicated naturalists and park rangers, working to protect endangered species and habitats across the vast Asia Pacific region.

Each episode viewers are taken on a journey into one of Asiašs prime wilderness areas, on land or underwater. The host, noted local wildlife filmmaker Charith Pelpola, examines the workings, successes and failures of these important Asian conservation projects, both governmental and NGO. Meet dedicated individuals working in the field to preserve their respective wards, and witness the race against time to preserve Asia's myriad threatened habitats.'

- Adapted from the press release.

Posted at 9:08AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Wed 22 Sep 2004

Pulau Hantu - another rewarding dive

Category : marine

Read about their rockin' hot dive on 18 Sep 2004, and look out as photos are gradually posted to the Hantu blog.

Posted at 8:57AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Wed 22 Sep 2004

Moorings at Pulau Hantu - where have they gone?

Category : marine

Debby at the Pulau Hantu blog writes, 'Buoys setup in 1996 at Pulau Hantu were recently removed. Visitors to the island have to drop anchor resulting in coral damage if they intend to dive at the fringing reef.'

"Visitorship remains strong at the island. On weekends as many as three boats can be found anchored on the north and western channel. We believe that the presence of just one mooring on either side would make a difference to the damage caused by anchorage."

"The Hantu Blog is looking for volunteers to help construct and implement simple moorings in Hantu." Email Debby and read the full post at the Pulau Hantu Blog.

Posted at 5:50AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email |

Wed 22 Sep 2004

Pangolin in Ang Mo Kio

Category : news

A pangolin stumbled into the Horizon Gardens condominium in Ang Mo Kio at 2am, and is later transferred to the zoo. They find it is no stranger! See "Wild life at their doorstep," by Wan Chang Chin. The New Paper, 21 Sep 2004 [pdf]. See also "Wild life at their doorstep," by Teh Jen Lee. The New Paper, 21 Sep 2004 [pdf].

Posted at 1:44AM UTC by N. Sivasothi | permalink | email | Raffles Museum news