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Pulau Ubin Stories

Stories, old and new, about Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Recent visits

Visited Ubin 3 times in the last week and am filled with updates and stories to share on Ubin Stories. But before I rain words and tales on you, I thought I will share the photos from my visits first.

View from Butterfly Hill Pulau Ubin @ Hungry Ghost Festival
Includes visits to Butterfly Hill, otherwise known as Jelutong Hill or Jelutong Campsite. Looking more and more like ECP or Pasir Ris Park if you ask me. The hill is artificial. The area was a dumpground for Ho Man Chu quarry which it overlooks. After years of creating holes on Ubin, now we're building hills instead!

Goodbye Pulau Ubin @ Plant Survey
Includes pictures of baby wild boar, OBS land, Nparks officers, wayang stage, and angsana trees being cut down.

Lucky Offspring Pedal Ubin @ 13 Aug
The most recent trip to Ubin was rewarding as spring tide exposed some glorious sights of Ubin. I also met this lucky offspring that is the newest addition to the Jelutong Coconut Stall Auntie's household! Lucky had an offspring! heh It was also my first time riding to Kampong Melayu proper. Only time I went that far in was with the Cookery Magic class.


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