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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Branch Trimming

On 8 Aug 2006 tuesday, when I was there for the Hungry Ghost Festival Wayang, I saw the path behind the Tua Pek Gong temple being blocked off.

Upon exploring, it seems that a crane was trimming the branches of a very tall Angsana(?) tree near where the Old Bin Kiang school was, behind the row of shops in Ubin Town.

out of bounds

Could this be the branch that was mentioned in the letter to the forum in the chinese newspaper that we mentioned last week? [See: Pulau Ubin Old Tree's Dead Branch, Lianhe Zaobao Forum page, 2 Aug 2026]

trimming a branch

The tree being trimmed seems to loom over the houses in the area as the article described but this could just be a routine trimming. However, after asking around, it seems that this particular tree trimming is being conducted by SLA instead of Nparks. Could it be just a coincidence?

Still, I am unsure if this is the tree that was mentioned in the letter to the forum. If it is, then surely the letter to the forum was quite effective afterall!

I must clarify something from my previous post though. After an interview with Adelle, our friend at the Nparks office on Ubin, it does appear that only certain areas on Pulau Ubin is under the care of SLA and others have been taken over for maintenance by Nparks.

However, what remains unclear to me is whether SLA is the overall landlord of the entire island but only certain area it is responsible for upkeep while most have been given over to Nparks for caretaking. Or does it mean that SLA has no jurisdiction over 'Nparks land' at all?

I did hear that even if OBS wants to clear any trees or forested area within its boundaries, it has to run through its plans with NParks first.

(?) unconfirmed


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