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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ubin Elephant Gets Female Escort Home

Another article in the series on the 1991 elephant visitor on Pulau Ubin. It's interesting to note that this is not the first visitor across the straits that we've had in Singapore, there were 3 others at Pulau Tekong in 1990.

Caption reads: "One of the two trained female elephants which will help to lead the wild male out of Pulau Ubin today." Source: Straits Times

Ubin Elephant Gets Female Escort Home
Saturday, March 9, 1991
The Straits Times
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The wild elephant which has made its home in Pulau Ubin for more than a week will be going home this morning.

Yesterday afternoon, two trained female elephants arrived on the island to help in moving the runaway male elephant, believed to have swum over from Johor.

It will be released into the Endau-Rompin reserve on the border between Johor and Pahahg.

The two trained females, Cik Mek and Mek Bunga, had helped move the tree wild elephants captured on Pulau Tekong in May last year.

Also called monitor elephants, they are part of the Malaysian Wildlife Department's Elephant Capture and Translocation Unit.

The unit had assisted Singapore authorities in trapping the runaway elephant on Ubin.

The presence of the stray elephant was first known when it attacked an islander on March 1 with its trunk.

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