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Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Ubin Boy" on Kids Central

Beginning in January 2006, Kids Central will be showing the kids drama "Ubin Boy" every Sundays at 10am. The film appears to be filmed on the island and features the island prominently, showing actual residences and places on the island.


The synopsis of "Ubin Boy" from Kids Central writes:
"10 year old Steven is a divinity of a city kid. His life is surrounded by hand phones, computers, internet, play station, ipod, large screen plasma television, stereo sound system and of course the comforts of air conditioning and a maid. Life is good.

Things take a turn when his father, Mr. Teo, a businessman, loses his company to a financial crisis. Unable to upkeep their house in the city, Mr. Teo has to relocate the entire family to his childhood home in Pulau Ubin. There lives Steven's cousin, Ah Boy and their grandmother, Ah Ma. Although Steven only visits them once or twice a year, during Chinese New Year or Ah Ma's birthday, he hates going to Pulau Ubin. A pure city boy at heart, Steven doesn't like nature at all. He finds it hot, bothersome, and worse still; having to fight with mosquitoes and bugs. It's definitely the last place he wants to be in. So imagine the surprise when he finds out that is exactly where he is going to spend the next six weeks of his year end holiday!

The day of reckoning finally comes when the Teo family moves from city life to kampong life. As the family takes the water boat out from Changi jetty to P. Ubin, Steven's heart falls. Mr. Teo encourages Steven. It will not only be fun, but also a good opportunity to see how his father lived as a boy. But Steven is not so sure. As a matter of fact, he is all prepared to hate Palau Ubin.

When Steven finally arrives at Ah Ma's, all his worse fears are realized, not only does he has to live in a small rickety house that doesn't even have a proper bathroom much less air conditioning, he also has to content with Ah Ma pinching his cheeks and messing up his hair. And as if that is not bad enough, Steven has to content with his cousin, Ah Boy!

The slightly shorter but stronger Ah Boy is only to glad to pay Steven back for the past bullying he received when they were younger. Now with his well toned muscles earned from climbing trees and other outdoor activities, he is ready to welcome his city cousin with a well deserve headlock! Needless to say, Steven and Ah boy haven't always got along. While Ah Boy thinks Steven is sissy pampered city boy, Steven thinks Ah Boy is an unrefined, dirty kampong boy.

Now however, the two boys will have to learn to get along with each other, because six weeks is a pretty long time.

As Steven slowly settles into his new environment, he learns that life in a simple and small kampong like Pulau Ubin really isn't that bad after all. Ah Boy also discovers that having someone his age to hang out with, is really a lot of fun.

Together with Ah Boy's next door neighbour, the feisty Xiaomin, the trio undertakes one great adventure after another. Pretty much soon, they also meet Teck Ko, a loony but very funny character who is always trying to tricks them but gets the tables turned on him instead.

Very soon, life is a lot more colourful, fun and exciting as Steven learns about the beauty of lifelong friendships, the great outdoors and the magic that is Pulau Ubin."


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