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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jumbo Hunt on in Pulau Ubin

During the 1991 visit from an unexpected visitor from across the straits, a fury of newspaper articles traced the "jumbo hunt" on Pulau Ubin.

Caption reads: "Mr Tan Kit Sun, the zoo's assistant curator, helping to track the elephant down to the eastern and central parts of Pulau Ubin yesterday. According to his estimates, based on the animal's footprints found in the soft earth behind the shrine, the animal stands about 2.3m high at the shoulder."

Jumbo Hunt on in Pulau Ubin
Saturday, March 9, 1991
The Straits Times
Image of the actual article [0.6MB]

Mr Ngo Tai Leong, 64, was probably accidentally hit on the head by the elephant's trunk while praying at the small shrine in the jungle on Friday.

Mr Bernard Harrison, the Singapore Zoological Gardens' executive director, who was in Pulau Ubin yesterday to supervise the tracking, added that the animal was probably ambling around in the jungle looking for food when he came across the man around 11.30pm that night.

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