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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Articles on fluting in granitic rocks and ecotourism uploaded to Pedal Ubin webpage

Two articles kindly sent to us by CR Twidale have been added to the Pedal Ubin! webpage links page. Better if you download the articles before reading instead of in your browser:

Twidale, C. R. & J. A. Bourne, 2003. Origin and Inversion of Fluting in Granitic Rocks. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 50: 543-552. [pdf; 1,480KB]

Twidale, C. R. & J. A. Bourne, 2003. Commentary: practices, problems and principles for ecotourism - a case study. Tourism Geographies, 5(4): 482-492. [pdf; 401KB]



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