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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Kelongs off Ubin

View from a Kelong off Ubin. Photo by Kermit. Jul 2005.

There are several kelongs* in the surrounding waters of Pulau Ubin. Sadly, their numbers are dwindling as it would appear, fishing is no longer a viable business in Singapore, instead aquaculture and fish farms are popping up in their stead.

Last month, a singaporean blogger,Kermit, visited one of these rare kelongs off Ubin and returns with some beautiful pictures of the view from the Kelong and also of Ubin.

Unfortunately, he is not aware of the exact location of the Kelong. He explains that "[his] relative knew this kelong owner who owns a kelong off the shores of Ubin, so they] just went there for seafood and then headed to Ubin for coconuts. [They] slacked around on a hammock on the kelong and had shiok sambal prawns and steam crab."

A well-worn jetty falling apart beside the main jetty in Ubin town. [editor's note: spot the new campsite in the background!] Photo by Kermit. July 2005.

It would seem that these days Kelongs serve more as a ecotourism attraction than purely surviving on fishing. However, this helps to ensure that the kelong owners are able to continue sustaining their operations while preserving what is a unique and disappearing sight around Singapore waters.

See more photos in Kermit's blog.

* Read more stories and find out more information on Kelongs in the following posts

editor's note: Upon examining the limited photos again, I am unsure if Kermit was actually on a Kelong or an offshore fish farm. Kelongs are generally on stilts and the photo reveals that the planks are rather near to the water. Furthermore, the neatly partitioned squares look like fish rearing areas.

Update: After looking at some additional photos that Kermit sent me, I can safely confirm that this was a fish farm. Find out more about the difference between fishfarms and kelongs in the next posts.


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