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Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Moving Gods" @ Cathay Cineleisure

"Preserving memories but at what expense? What happens when a temple is forced to move when the land it is sitting on is earmarked for urban renewal?" - Excerpt from Arts Central Website

The german girl shrine amidst development of a recreational bike park as last seen on 25 June 2005. Photo by November.

Dear Friends,

Based on a TRUE EVENT...

XTREME Production presents to you "MOVING GODS"- a feature TV Drama of a mysterious temple in Pulau Ubin that worships a German girl.

Adapted from a play by Lim Jen Erh for The Theatre Practice, the story revolves around a filmmaker's (Jen) search for the German Girl mystery. Who is this German Girl, and why do people pray to her? More importantly, why does she always appear in Jen's dream?

So, find out about the mystery of the German girl temple this Monday (18th July) at Cathay Cineleisure. Do check it out!

Date: 18 July 2005
Time: 9.30pm
Venue: Cathay Cineleisure's Panasonic Hall 8
Admission: Free
(tickets at the door, first-come-first-served)

More background information of the German Girl Temple:
Mystery Girl of Ubin



Look out for the lanterns from the "team of moving gods" at the German Girl Shrine next time you visit! Photo by November. [click to enlarge picture]

  • See Choon Hiong's "Find German Girl" project page: http://www.frische-medien.de/kunden/fgg/
  • Read more about the free screening as part of the Arts Central's series, Stage to Screen on Habitatnews.
  • For more information on the original play by Lim Jen Erh for The Theatre Practice, read the synopsis here.

    Photo from the original play. Source: Page To Stage Studio

  • [Editor's Note: I will be there to watch Moving Gods tomorrow and will follow up with a report and review of the documentary! Hopefully we will get an interview!]


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