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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AVA makes nightly rounds on Ubin

Mediacorp Channel 8 news just reported (at the 6.30pm news segment) that AVA officers are now making nightly visits to Ubin to round up stray poultry that do not return to their coops at night to roost. They are determined to ensure that there are no one domestic chicken left on the island. However, apparently these kampung chickens are so hardy and used to the night and in the wild that these tree roost-ers are not easy to catch. In this one report, AVA only managed to round up 9.

They also interviewed some of the poultry farmers and one resident, Mdm Weng Xiu Ying was exceedingly upset by the raids on the stray chicken. She said in the interview (according to the subtitles) that she originally reared chickens so that when her grandchildren visit she could cook chicken for them. When she found out that AVA were coming to catch the chicken the next day, she couldn't sleep all night. While on the surface saying that she doesn't mind them catching the chicken, in truth, she felt very upset inside.

There would most probably be a repeat telecast at the 10pm news on Channel 8. A search on Channelnewasia has yet to produce any archive records of a similar story in print.

The information cited above is based purely on transcription of the news broadcast and translated from Mandarin by myself and briefly verified by my mother who alerted me to the news story. Screenshots are taken directly from the news program by myself. Please correct me if any of the above is erroneous.


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