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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Excerpts from Waller (2001)

"Although the number of residents is decreasing, the number of visitors to the island shows a steady increase. The island may be very quiet on weekdays, but it comes alive at weekends and public holidays when cycling and camping are popular activities. This is also the time when mainlanders return to visit elderly relatives.

Pedal Ubin guides and cyclists on the island on a Sunday morning - by NT

At the moment, the island is large enough to absorb the visitors, but since current arrangements are to restrict the available recreation area to about half of the island's total size, there is a danger that the island's carrying capacity will soon be exceeded at peak periods. As increasing numbers of people wish to visit the only substantial remaining area of Singaproe's once significant countryside, it will soon be necessary to open up another access point to the island in order to disperse the crowds."

Waller, Edmund (2001) "Landscape Planning in Singapore" (Singapore: Singapore University Press) pp.165-171


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