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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Excerpts from Waller (2001)

"The ambience is quite different from the cleanliness of the mainland and some Singaporeans find this disturbing. But others find it enchanting that decaying trucks or taxis are abandoned and become enveloped by the jungle. There is also the problem of flotsam and jetsam which is carried by the tides to envelop the shoreline at some places, and the primitive sanitary arrangements suspended above the fish ponds.

The shores along the jetty flooded with litter - by NT

The main point here is that these problems can easily and cheaply be rectified if the will is there. Many would consider that these disadvantages are a small price to pay for the cultural attractions which still persist (Waller, 1990).

The rural environment introduced to visitors is an ambience that is now absent elsewhere in Singapore. If it disappears, then links with a more self-sustaining rural economy will be severed forever. Unfortunately the traditional houses are disappearing at a fast rate. As soon as they appear to be uninhabited, they have to be removed."

An abandoned TV found in an old rubber plantation - by NT

Waller, Edmund (2001) "Landscape Planning in Singapore" (Singapore: Singapore University Press) pp.165-171


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