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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kampung Cooking Lessons

Did you grow up in an urban environment and want to experience life in a traditional kampung with no electricity and the only source of water is from a well? Or did you grow up in a Kampung and wish to revisit your childhoods in one of the few remaining kampung homes in Singapore?

According to a post on Focus Ubin forum, one of the last few remaining Malay families on Ubin has opened their doors (to a 200 year old kampung house!) to groups interested in visiting them or taking cooking lessons.

Photo of above house and meal, by Ruqxana

More information on the Focus Ubin forum but here are the details on the cooking class:

Cooking Class in a Kampong House on Pulau Ubin
Date: 30 April 2005, Saturday
Time: 8.30pm - 1pm
Nasi Lemak
1. Coconut Rice
2. Stir Fried Green Vegatable
3. Sambal Ikan Bilis
4. Ice Kachang.
Cost: S$60 per person
(cost does not include ferry and bus – approx cost: S$10 per person)

Cookery Magic

Kamariah's uncle is the only barber on the island - by Ruqxana.

You could also contact the family directly if you wish to organize group outings. However, as the lady does not live on Ubin, she only goes back on weekends.
email: visit_ubin@hotmail.com
mobile: 91006958


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