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Monday, November 01, 2004

Ubin On-line Resources: Reviewed

  • In response to Dr Chua Ee Kiam's feedback about the erroneous link listed on the website (the link reportedly is about Christmas Island rather than Pulau Ubin), I hereby offer the solution.

    It appears that the Naturewatch link listed on this site consist of a design that requires visitors to access the Pulau Ubin articles through an index page where a story of Christmas Island is on the immediate first page. It is rather misleading.

    To make things easier for people wanting specifically Ubin stories, I am hereby creating an easy index to the Naturewatch articles on Pulau Ubin.

    Vol3 No.3 Jul-Sep 95 (Pulau Ubin Special)
    The Last Wild Frontier
    Pulau Batu Ubin
    Spirited Pioneers
    Flora and Fauna of Ubin
    Nature Lesson
    Whither Ubin?

  • A group of ubin enthusiasts has started a group known as Focus Ubin. According to the focus ubin website (www.focusubin.org), "we hope focus ubin can be a platform for anyone passionate about Ubin. The focus ubin website hopes to be a one-stop location for any aspect of Ubin."

    Personally, the most exciting feature of the website is the Ubin Forum where people can "discuss ubin and share stories". For example, already there is a report of sighting of civet cats on the island!

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