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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ubin Stories Photo Gallery Update

A new Ubin Stories Photo Gallery has been uploaded. A series of photo taken from the same day as the previous gallery but by a different photographer (i.e. my sister).

The above picture is taken at Noordin Beach of a Malay Fisherman at work. Unsure if he is a resident of the island - probable that he is not a resident. There were 2 pair of them at work, each pair consisting of a man in the water fishing and a woman (probably their wives?) on the beach watching, probably waiting to help with the catch.

Update (12 Oct 2004): According to the photographer, she believes that this is not a fisherman but just a man who is fishing for his family while having picnic on Ubin. The women on the shore has plastic bags waiting for the catch by the men in the water. The photographer believes that they are not expecting big catches and probably do this often.

Gallery Link:
2nd Ubin Stories Gallery - Ubin by Erkie 05 September 2004
1st Ubin Stories Gallery - Ubin Explorer on 05 September 2004


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