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"I love my Kampong!" by Luthien, 26 Dec 2004
"As a child, I’d lived in a little coastal fishing village called Kampong Tengah. This 15-ha beautiful park with its rolling lawn, undulating terrain and matured vegetation was developed on a piece of land formerly occupied by the British Forces. Back then, there were coastal kampongs (Malay for ‘villages’) of Kampong Wak Hassan, Kampung Lubang Bom, Kampung Hailam, Kampong Tanjong Irau and Kampung Tengah..." [read on]


Saved for a year, village mosque may be made national heritage,
by Natalie Soh, ST, 15 Dec 2004
"THE old kampung mosque along Jalan Mempurong in Sembawang was given a year's reprieve from the bulldozers on Hari Raya itself yesterday, much to the delight of worshippers. And if a case can be made for the mosque to be preserved as a national heritage site, it may stay for good..." [read on]



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