Changi and the War
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Changi and the War

"The history of Changi" by Sqn Ldr H A Probert, 1965. Originally available on the webpage of the United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron.

"The story of Changi" by Carol Cooper. The Children (& Families) of the Far East Prisoners of War.

Changi Historic Area 1942-2002. Map and notes about: The Big Guns of Singapore - Changi Tree - Sook Ching Massacre Sites - POW Historic Sites (2002). From authors Karl Hack & Kevin Blackburn who later published "Did Singapore Have to Fall? Churchill and the Impregnable Fortress" (hardcover 2004; paperback 2005).

Changi POW camp; Myths, Facts, Fiction. An Australian, Ted Harris, seeks to straighten things out.

"Commemorating and commodifying the prisoner of war experience in South-east Asia: The creation of Changi Prison Museum." By Kevin Blackburn, 2000. Journal of the Australian War Memorial, 33.

"The historic war site of the Changi Murals: a place for pilgrimages and tourism." By Kevin Blackburn, 2001. Journal of the Australian War Memorial, 34.

Changi Museum, Singapore - Official Webpage

Streetnames of Changi - probably named after RAF airfields.

RAF Changi Association

Merchant Navy Officers: Canadian Pacific: Empress of Asia - bombed by Japanses planes on 4th February 1942, anchors off Sultan Shoal Lighthouse. With a map and images of Changi POW camp and telegrams. And a sad ending at home for Charles Cusack, survivor of two world wars.

The Changi Murals, P. W. Stubbs.

Australian Bronze Commemorative PLaques. Changi Plaque is located at the Changi Prison Main Gate, to right of main entrance with a time capsule and plaque.