A Changi heritage

The legend of the Changi Tree - Singapore would fall when it did


Significant trees and shrubs in Changi - a conservation proposal [12 Sep 2002]


Tree of time - did this tree, thought to be extinct, give Changi its name?


"Tree of time" is no more - Why was this rare tree felled? [20 Nov 2002]


The Hopea sangal Tree - A Timeline


Loyang (Squance) Rock and the Black-naped Tern


The inter-tidal habitats of Changi - a living seashore


Changi and World War II


The noisy village birds of Changi


The origin of street names in Changi: the link with RAF


Latest news

Feb - Mar 2005 - Photos of old Changi uploaded on Webshots

4th Jan 2005 - Changi Point Ferry Terminal Opens on 5th January - Habitatnews

8th Nov 2004 - Nanyang Girls prepare for Hopea sangal education workshop - Habitatnews

7th Nov 2004 - MM Lee Kuan Yew plants Hopea sangal in Henderson - Habitatnews

7th Apr 2004 - Hopea sangal sculptures unveiled at Singapore Zoo. Hopea sangal timeline

3rd Feb 2004 - Changi Airfield Vets visit Changi Village. ST Article - pdf

5th Jan 2004 - Hopea sangal sculpture relocated to NParks' Serangoon Depot.

29 Sep 2003 - GVN announces "Heritage Trail Changi Point". GVN launched this walk duing "Greenies have more fun" fair at Changi Village on 14-16 Nov 2003. Sign up to be a guide. Webpage

17 Sep 2003 - "New $3.5 million boardwalk opens at Changi". CNA article

14 Sep 2003 - Sculpture Society's The Hopea sangal Tree: Sculpture Symposium. Webpage - Photos

25 Aug 2003 - Sculpture Society to embark on project with Hopea sangal logs. Article in Streats.

17 July 2003 - "Faces of Changi" by Ochre Pictures debuts on Channel News Asia.

21 May 2003 - "Enhancing Changi Village". Paras. 27-31 of URA's press release.

30 Jan 2003 - All that squawking explained - it's foreign talent! Ever wondered what made that exotic squawking noise in Changi? Well wonder no more, in the latest webpage addition, the "Exotic Village Birds of Changi".

24 Mar 2003 - Firm pays $76,035. Webpage

20 Nov 2002 - The grand old Chengal pasir tree has been felled! I came to see Joseph Lai's "Tree of time" but all I saw was a stump! Webpage.

Oct/Nov 2002 - Changi Trees Tour by Joe Lai & friends.Expect to see many giant native trees, age 200 years or more. A fun and easy walk to appreciate our very own natural and national heritage. Sign up via email.

18 Sep 2002 - Changi Heritage Webpage set up.

12 Sept 2002 - Significant trees and shrubs of Changi. Proposal submitted by Joseph Lai, Angie Ng, Chuah Ai Lin, Marilyn Cheng to the URA Subject Group on Rustic Coasts. Webpage.

23rd July 2002 - URA Draft Concept Plan
After examining the
URA's Rustic Coast proposal for Changi, I was perplexed. Though the intention of the Identity Plan was to build a sense of rootedness in Singaporeans, the plan reflected little of the heritage of Changi. Were the stories I had the good fortune of encountering unavailable to most? This webpage compilation is thus a first stab at making some content available with the help of many individuals; see the individual pages for authors. This is an ongoing project. Email me with links or information. See also Kent Ridge and Sembawang.


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