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A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders
by Joseph K H Koh
  Spotted Ground Spider
Storena cinctipes Simon 1892
close-up of female
The cephalothorax of all Storena spiders is characteristically vertical and high in front.

They are swift running.
Classification: Family Zodariidae, Ground Spiders.
Habitat: Leaf litter in primary and secondary forests.
Female: 7-9 mm.
Male: 7-8 mm.
Distribution: Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar.
Members of the Zodariidae family are small free-roaming hunters living under stones and among leaf litter. The anterior spinnerets are well-developed and more conspicuous than the remaining spinnerets.
  From "A Guide to Common Singapore Spiders" by Joseph K. H. Koh
BP Guide to Nature Series published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by British Petroleum
© 2000 Joseph K H Koh